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for less than your daily fruit smoothie.

COACHD is your technology gateway to training with the best health & fitness coaches. There is no other service or platform on the market that compares to the experience you will receive from our COACHD Team.

Why COACHD is Better

COACHD isn't just another app that you hit snooze on when you just don't feel like working out. COACHD is designed to have you work with real live nationally certified health and fitness coach to help you push through the hurdles that can block you from reaching your goal. COACHD gives all the technology advantages but goes the extra step to ensure your success through real 1-on-1 coaching.

Have you ever downloaded an app or signed up for a service, then thought, “What’s next?” COACHD understands that no one wants to feel this way, especially when it comes to your health. For this reason, COACHD Concierges help you every step of the way. A COACHD Concierge is a live person that communicates to you through the COACHD Mobile App to:

  • Guide you through the next steps
  • Walk you through the COACHD App
  • Understand your preferences and match you to the right coach
  • Answer any questions related to your service, including billing questions

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Train with Elite Coaches

Imagine being able to work directly with the best fitness coaches in the industry and having them train you no matter where you are, on vacation, at the gym, or at home.

COACHD is a service that connects you to nationally certified health and fitness coaches through our mobile application for less than the price of your daily espresso drink.

Your Personal Coach Will:


    Whether you just want to drop a few pounds, run your first 5k, or look amazing in your bathing suit, COACHD has experienced trainers to help you achieve your goals.


    You don’t have the same body as everyone else, so you shouldn’t train the same as everyone else either. Our coaches will design a custom program that individual to your goals, needs, and abilities.


    Diets don’t work! At COACHD, we take a different approach to nutrition. No complicated menus or extensive grocery lists. Your nutrition program will fit your lifestyle and your goals.


    Losing weight is more than just “eat less and exercise more.” Our coaches are trained to guide you on your journey and help you learn the best way to lose weight.


    Feeling better, looking better, and living the fullest life possible is everyone’s dream. COACHD will help you make that dream a reality.


    If it were easy, everyone would do it! Our coaches are experts at helping you develop the habits that will assure success, while providing just the right amount of accountability to keep you on point.

Andy Coach

Andy Dooley

Health & Fitness Coach, Face of Reebok 2016

Lori Coach

Lori Siegel

Health & Fitness Coach

Nathan Coach

Nathan Kohlerman

Health & Fitness Coach

Ben Boudro

Ben Boudro

Health & Fitness Coach

Scott Coach

Scott Keppel

Health & Fitness Coach

Andy Coach

Elite Health & Fitness Coach | 2016 Face of ReebokONE |Get personally coached by Andy's Team


Lori Coach

Elite Health & Fitness Coach | Owner, Fit Like Lori |Get personally coached by Lori


Portrait of happy smiling young beautiful woman in fitness wear holding grocery shopping bag with healthy vegetarian food, outdoors
Physical Training is just part of the equation.


Our carefully vetted nationally certified health and fitness coaches will help guide you in putting together a meal plan to help you achieve your goals.  Through the COACHD Mobile App you will be able to understand your food options and portions to help keep you on track with your health milestones.

Our Coaches Deliver

COACHD has been tested and loved by certified personal fitness coaches and by people like you.  Explore their stories...