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Work Remotely with your Personally matched health and fitness coach. Get the guidance you need for better results.

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Why COACHD is Better

COACHD isn't just another app that you hit snooze on when you just don't feel like working out. COACHD is designed to have you work with real live nationally certified health and fitness coach to help you push through the hurdles that can block you from reaching your goal. COACHD gives all the technology advantages but goes the extra step to ensure your success through real 1-on-1 coaching.


Have you ever downloaded an app or signed up for a service, then thought, “What’s next?” COACHD understands that no one wants to feel this way, especially when it comes to your health. For this reason, COACHD Concierges help you every step of the way. A COACHD Concierge is a live person that communicates to you through the COACHD Mobile App to:

  • Guide you through the next steps
  • Walk you through the COACHD App
  • Understand your preferences and match you to the right coach
  • Answer any questions related to your service, including billing questions
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Train with
Elite Coaches

What story are you telling yourself? Studies have shown that people who work with a coach are more dedicated and achieve better results. Clear your path to fitness and meet your goals faster with expert guidance.

COACHD has the certified professional you need to help you with weight loss, strength gain, nutrition guidance, sports performance, and program-specific motivation and accountability. Our coaches have the ability to understand your unique needs and help you look and feel great.

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You have goals.  Whether it's to lose 20 pounds, get off medications, or run a marathon.  To accomplish those goals it will require you to do things differently than you are now.  It is our belief that better health and fitness is best achieved by focusing first on changing unhealthy behaviors.

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Our Coaches Your Goals

Who you are is not wrong. You just need a little guidance. We all do. At COACHD you are the focus, taking the lead to help design a program that works for your unique lifestyle. Our coaches facilitate your health and fitness journey, providing guidance and assurance along the way.

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Whether you just want to drop a few pounds, run your first 5k, or look amazing in your bathing suit, COACHD has experienced trainers to help you achieve your goals.

Customize Exercise Programs

You don’t have the same body as everyone else, so you shouldn’t train the same as everyone else either. Our coaches will design a custom program that individual to your goals, needs, and abilities.

Individualized Nutrition Programs

Whether you just want to drop a few pounds, run your first 5k, or look amazing in your bathing suit, COACHD has experienced trainers to help you achieve your goals.

Weight Loss

Losing weight is more than just “eat less and exercise more.” Our coaches are trained to guide you on your journey and help you learn the best way to lose weight.

Increase Health & Vitality

Feeling better, looking better, and living the fullest life possible is everyone’s dream. COACHD will help you make that dream a reality.

Motivation & Accountability

If it were easy, everyone would do it! Our coaches are experts at helping you develop the habits that will assure success, while providing just the right amount of accountability to keep you on point.

Physical Training is just part of the equation


Our carefully vetted nationally certified health and fitness coaches will help guide you in putting together a meal plan to help you achieve your goals.  Through the COACHD Mobile App you will be able to understand your food options and portions to help keep you on track with your health milestones.

Our Coaches Deliver

COACHD has been tested and loved by certified personal fitness coaches and by people like you.

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Customer Testimonials



Member since 2018

"I feel great. I look better than I ever have. COACHD is just the thing I needed to get over my fear of the gym. I now know what to do, where to workout, and how to eat better."



Member since 2017

"I had my 'aha' moment one night after a long workout - my coach got in touch with me and asked how the workout went. It was 7 pm on a Friday night! I felt like someone cared about me, and was there to support me."



Member since 2017

"Using COACHD has been such an awesome and easy experience. Having my training plans ready at my convenience and my coach motivating me along the way really makes me feel like this is fit for me."

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